Things to consider when selecting shoes for your outfit.

What shoes should I wear to make my jewelry stand out?

One way to achieve this is selecting shoes that match your outfit. To help visualize how this works, put on your basic black outfit and try this. It can be your favorite dress or slacks and blouse. You can even put on your favorite sweats, if you are not already wearing them, to have fun with this. Now put on your largest brightest gold or silver jewelry. Necklaces or bracelets work best for you to see how this works. If you wear large bold earrings then they will work as well. Standing in front of a full length mirror wearing black shoes you will notice that your eyes will focus on the bright jewelry. Now put on a pair of red, blue, gold or silver shoes and notice that your eyes will also be drawn to the shoes. This causes a distraction from the jewelry.

I want my new shoes to be noticed by everyone, now what?

Still wearing the same basic black outfit put on your colorful shoes. Find a piece of jewelry that is mostly black. A small amount of gold or silver is not going to distract your eyes from the shoes. This can also be achieved by choosing a thin bracelet or bangle. The same would apply to a necklace. Now your eyes cannot help but notice the shoes.

The above scenarios used a black outfit. The same would apply to any color outfit. If the outfit and shoes match then the other accessories will stand out. Choosing the right shoes for the outfit can help you decide what you want other people to notice. Remember that these are just guidelines to help you achieve the look your are going for. You are an individual and not all guidelines apply to you!